Habit Tracker: A5 Planner Inserts

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• Track two habits per page
• Write down your reasons for forming the habit
• Set a reward
• Write your action plan
• Tick off the habit for 30 days
• Create good habits, or quit bad ones



Build the life you want with the 30 Day Challenge Habit Tracker A5 planner inserts. Do you want to become a morning person? Or a healthy eater? Or give up chocolate?! The 30 Day Challenge is for you!

You may have heard that it only takes 30 days of doing an action before it becomes a habit, meaning doing the action becomes second nature and no longer requires a big effort. Well, these A5 planner inserts are the best Filofax Inserts to help create those good habits (or curb the bad ones!) to set you up for the best future possible. Write down your habit and your reasons for creating the habit and then tick off each day as it passes by. By the time you’ve reached day 30, you’ll wonder why you ever found the habit difficult in the first place.

Habit Tracker Planner Details

• A5 Size Printed Inserts (210 x 297mm)
• 6 hole punched
• Premium quality pages
• Printed front and back
• Perfect for standard 6 ring binders, such as A5 Filofax, Kikki K Large and LV Large “GM” Agendas (non-vintage)
• Proudly made in the UK, shipping worldwide


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