Hello all you fellow planner rockers and design lovers!

I’m Jordan, a 5-foot-tall lover of design, adventure, family, friends, music and tea. Jesus is my homeboy, and organisation is my specialty. And I’m the planning nerd behind Crossbow Printables.

I designed my first planners in 2014 after an unsuccessful search for minimal, yet classy, planner pages that would guide me into a more productive lifestyle. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I created a small collection that helped me achieve so much that it’s now my personal goal to help others get focused, think about what they want to achieve in life, and become the goal-getting machine they were born to be. It’s so important to me that the planner pages I design aren’t just beautiful, but are sophisticated enough to make complex planning seem simple and accessible, to really help you achieve the seemingly un-achievable.

Since its beginning, the collection has grown to include carefully crafted downloadable planner packs for most areas of daily life, with the most popular planner pages available as printed planner inserts, as well as Productivity Notepads that make everyday planning quick and easy.

Whilst I LOVE putting pen to paper and helping you do the same, I’m also passionate about keeping our beautiful world beautiful. That’s why I’m minimising our impact on the environment by planting 5 trees for every 1 tree’s worth of paper that is sold via Crossbow Printables. You can read more about the amazing charity that I’ve partnered with here.

I love creating planners that help people be the most efficient they can be in the most beautiful way possible, and I thank you endlessly for joining me on this journey.

Here’s to you, my friend, and all you can achieve!

Jordan x